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A behaviour consultation is a great way to understand more about your dog and what drives their behaviour. Having worked with hundreds of dogs in homes and rescues for almost a decade, I am experienced with a variety of ages, breeds and circumstances. I also offer online consultations, puppy classes and a self-paced online puppy course depending on your needs.

behaviour consultations

Private sessions to help your dog have a wonderful life and be a pleasure to live with

What kind of issues can a behaviour consultation address?


If any of these sounds familiar, a behaviour consultation can help:

  • Your dog struggles to relax and is often hyperactive

  • Your dog hates being away from you and barks, howls or destroys things when you leave

  • Your dog pulls on lead and walks feel like a battle of wills

  • Your dog struggles to listen to you, especially in distracting environments

  • Excitable is your dog's middle name and you'd like them to stop jumping up on people/kitchen benches/other dogs

  • Your dog responds aggressively towards people and/or other dogs

  • Your dog displays anxiety or nervousness

  • 'Byeee!' Your dog disappears a lot and doesn't respond when you call

  • You have a new dog or puppy and just don't know where to start

Get in touch to find out how I can help with your specific needs. I can also make referrals to specialists where appropriate.

What can I expect from a behaviour session?

During our first session I'll gather lots of information from you by asking questions and observing your dog in your home. This is an open and honest chat so you can share your concerns, ideas and behaviour goals. I'll provide some suggestions and also guide you through some practical training techniques where relevant. Time permitted, we may also do some work outside if that's where the main issues are.

Following this initial session you will receive a online training plan which can be used to track progress. You will also be welcome to attend my social walk classes provided it is suitable for your dog.

How many sessions will I need?

This depends on the complexity of the issue and how much support you would like along the way. Some people really thrive with just one session and are happy to tackle things with a few check-ins here and there. Others like the accountability of ongoing support so might book a series of sessions to kick start some changes.

How long will it take for things to improve after a session?

You're the main driver of this one! Unfortunately the 'magic trainer wand' doesn't exist and behaviour change for both dogs and people can take time. Think of it a bit like a new exercise regime - the more you show up and put the time in the stronger the new habits and results become. My aim is to provide you with a clear and easy plan which sets your dog up for success. I also encourage my clients to track their progress so we can celebrate the big wins and discover what really works for your dog.

Do I need to prepare anything?


If your dog has a favourite treat it can be useful to have these handy. It's also helpful if you can show me their standard walking equipment and know what brand of food they are on. Some people like to write down some questions or topics in advance of the session and I encourage people to take their own notes if this learning style suits them.

Which locations do you cover?

I provide training services throughout the Goldfields region of Victoria, including Castlemaine, Bendigo, Maryborough, Maldon, Woodend, Daylesford, Trentham and Kyneton. I also offer online options.

How much is a session?

An initial session is $120 for 60 minutes. Any follow-up sessions are $80 for 60 minutes. Travel costs apply for locations more than 30 minutes from Castlemaine town centre.

How do I book a session or find out more?


Get in touch by emailing or calling 0490 510 924.

Want to make sure All Dogs Are Good is right for you? Book a FREE 10 minute discovery phone call by selecting a time that suits you HERE.

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