Brain games for dogs

20 snifftastic card games to engage your dog’s brain

Bring out your dog's inner Einstein! These brain games are outlined step-by-step in a pack of 20 beautifully hand-illustrated cards. Suitable for playing at home or out on walks, let your dog wow you with their amazing canine senses.


Easy-to-follow cards detailing games you can play at home or out and about.


Dogs love to use their brains and engage their senses. Share the fun as they tackle each game.


Playing these games will help you understand how your dog thinks and sees the world. Your dog will love you for it.

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Perfect for new dog owners, busy families and those looking for unique ways to engage their dog's brain


These cards have been designed for busy dog owners who want simple, effective ways to keep their dog mentally stimulated. If you're a new dog owner, a busy owner with lots of family and work commitments or an experienced, devoted dog lover or trainer - these simple games will help you deepen your relationship with your dog.


Designed to highlight your dog's superpowers


These games have been tested by expert dog trainers (and expert dogs) and backed by a modern, scientific philosophy that cares for your dog and promotes healthy relationships between dogs and humans.


Go beyond chasing tennis balls!


Your dog’s brain is complex and amazing. And their sense of smell is outta this world. These cards outline games that will extend you and your dog beyond activities that are repetitive and predictable.

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