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Live the good life with your dog.

All Dogs Are Good provides dog training and behaviour expertise throughout the Goldfields region of Victoria, including Castlemaine, Daylesford, Newstead, Trentham, Kyneton, Maryborough and Bendigo.

Whether you're a new puppy owner or need support with a behaviour concern, we’re here to help.

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Everything you need to start off on the right paw with your new best friend.


We offer puppy classes, private coaching and packages, as well as accessible online courses.

Dalmatian Dog
Private training

Comprehensive training packages covering a range of behaviour issues, including specialised Un-Chase! programs for dogs and wildlife.


Online and in person options available.

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Classes and workshops

Training is more fun together. Learn with others through group classes, social walks, workshops and events.

Good for you. Good for your dog.

While we firmly believe that All Dogs Are Good, we also know that living with dogs isn’t always easy. We help you understand all-things-dog so you can approach training with confidence.

Most importantly, we're committed to helping you build a great relationship with your dog, using methods that put welfare (and fun!) first.

Our methods are all about understanding how your dog sees the world and making them feel safe and confident.

Ongoing professional development ensures we aren't falling back on 'this is how we've always done it' as evidence.


You know your dog best. This is a partnership so we’ll create a plan together that works for you and your dog.

Qualified expertise that gets results

Harriet has been working with dogs and their owners across the world for over a decade. Learn more about her approach and experience.

Jennifer, Julian and Ron

"Harriet is a fantastic dog trainer. We were really struggling with Ron. He was recently re-homed, untrained and in the midst of his teenage years, at his physical peak (he could really pull you around).

Harriet went as far as to set up a session with her own dog so she could witness his troublesome reactions to other dogs. She not only gave us the tools and strategies to train him but made us feel calm and patient and able to take it on, at a time when our anxiety could have been affecting Ron too. He's now an absolute joy!"

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Kate and Jerry

“When we first got Jerry, our working cocker spaniel at 8 weeks old, we were uncertain about how to go about his training. Our local vet recommended we contact Harriet for guidelines and training.


Harriet came to our house and gave us her time and expertise. They were invaluable. Jerry now comes to us at any venue, handles being on his lead, socialises well with other dogs and we have a contact in Harriet with whom we can call on when other issues or problems arise. Her time is SO worth it.”

Siri, Martin and Nana

“Nana is an 8 year old rescue bulldog mastiff cross. As a former neglected, backyard breeding dog, Nana was terrified of both other dogs and being left alone when we got her. The first step was having walking sessions with Nana and Harriet’s dog. Harriet kept us all calm, and guided Nana and us during the walks.


The change since has been remarkable. She has continued to improve and is even able to attend group walks with other dogs. We would warmly recommend contacting Harriet if you and your dog need any help.”

A few good words
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