Who is this for?

*Strictly limited to 20 places*

Dog trainers and behaviourists working directly with clients.

Aspiring dog trainers who want to learn more about the human side of dog training.

Those working in the human side of animal welfare, including rescue centres, workers and volunteers.

What's it all about?

Many people work in the pet industry because of their love for animals and desire to make a difference. But a love for animals is only half the story. To be a successful dog trainer or professional you also need to build collaborative and successful relationships with a whole range of humans!


Understanding how to motivate and inspire the people you work with will not only produce better results for dogs, it will also ensure you get as much enjoyment out of your work as possible. Join us and international guest speaker Winkie Spiers as we explore this essential topic.

What will be covered?

Building trust and connection

How to create great first impressions and help your clients feel understood.

Supporting behaviour change

Understand client barriers and motivations and how to work more collaboratively (rather than just telling them what to do!)​

Taking care while caring

Learn how to maintain your own wellbeing while supporting others through self-care and peer support.

Course details


Sunday 13 October

1.5 hours

17:00 - 18:30 (BST)

18:00 - 19:30  (CEST)

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1.5 hours of interactive learning + accompanying resources and exercises to take away


Small learning group with maximum of 20 participants

Interactive session with individual reflection time, group exercises and space for discussions and questions

You will need Wi-Fi access and a computer with a microphone + video

happy humans, happy dogs

An online workshop for dog professionals who want to build great relationships with their clients. Featuring international guest speaker Winkie Spiers!

Strictly limited places. Don't miss out!

workshop hosts


Harriet Alexander

Lead Faciliator

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Harriet has run dog training businesses in both the UK and Australia. She's also worked in a number of different industries, including the arts, government and not-for-profit. Her work has involved project management, marketing, business development, as well as managing and supporting over 1000 animal rescue volunteers.

Winkie Spiers

Guest Speaker

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London based Winkie Spiers has been working with dogs and owners for many years and is a sought after speaker, author and behaviour consultant. She is the Chair and an Honorary Member of the Pet Dog Trainers of Europe and has mentored many other trainers starting and growing their businesses.