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Training the good in every dog.

Private dog training is an excellent way to understand more about your dog and their behaviour. We help you navigate all that confusing dog training lingo and find solutions that are simple and effective. With a focus on fun, wellbeing and teamwork - we're here to make good mates great.

Private training

Private training begins with an assessment session. This allows us to get to know you, your dog and your training goals. We'll discuss the why of your dog's behaviour, so you have a better understanding of their motivations and path to success.

After our session you'll receive a summary of our discussion, including a prognosis, management strategies and recommendations. You'll also learn which training package will best meet your needs.

Assessment sessions are $150 and last 90 minutes. Check out our FAQs for common questions.

Dog playing the shell game with her human_edited.jpg

Unsure if private training is right for you? Book a FREE 10 minute discovery call to discuss further.


"Harriet from All Dogs are Good has been absolutely wonderful to deal with. After getting a rescue dog with some challenges she has dedicated much time and energy into making Louis (and us!) feel that we are all heading in the right direction. Her calm nature and wonderful knowledge have made making Louis part of our family so much easier.

- Marty, Selma and Louis

Private training packages


Kick start your training journey! You will be introduced to key concepts and provided with practical exercises you can work on right away. The ideal way to introduce new habits and behaviour.

Assessment session ($150) + 2 x 60 minute training sessions


Deep dive

Cement your learning through more advanced training skills in a variety of settings. We'll increase distractions and focus on holistic changes to ensure the new behaviour sticks.

Assessment session + 5 x 60 minute training sessions



We're with you every step of the way. The Deluxe package allows us to fully investigate and address complex behaviour issues, creating lasting and meaningful change.

Assessment session + 8 x 60 minute training sessions


Reactivity Rehab

Does your dog bark and lunge at unfamiliar dogs? Are walks a daily struggle? Fear, aggression and reactivity are very real problems that are stressful for dogs and their guardians.

All Dogs Are Good has extensive experience working with dogs who are fearful and aggressive towards other dogs. Through this targeted package, you will receive:

  • An assessment session including a summary of issues, prognosis, equipment recommendations and a tailored management plan

  • 2 training sessions focused on making walks more manageable

  • 3 training sessions alongside a skilled mentor dog - these real life sessions allow you to put everything into practice in a safe and controlled setting

  • If suitable, the option to continue with progress during regular social walk classes

Assessment session + 5 x 60 minute training sessions



"I wanted to let you know how Sally is getting on after our training sessions. She is doing so much better and the excitable jumping has decreased. Walking is enjoyable for both of us now and I really appreciated all of your advice and strategies.  This photo is Sally coming home from the pet resort! Much fun! " 

- Mary and Sally

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