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online consultations

Support and advice from the comfort of your home

For those located further afield or those who would prefer the convenience of an online session, I offer in-depth behaviour consultations via Zoom. This allows me to provide support to people all over the globe.

What can an online consultation help with?


There are lots of issues that can be effectively addressed via online support, including:

  • Separation anxiety

  • Settling in a new puppy or rescue dog

  • A pre-puppy or dog consultation to discuss selecting a good fit for your family and what to expect

  • Dealing with puppy behaviour such as housetraining, chewing, biting and social skills

  • Coping with teenage dogs! Advice on how to handle this important developmental phase

  • Nervousness and anxiety issues

  • Hyperactivity and overexcitement

  • Aggression and reactivity 

  • Improving focus and relationship building with your dog

​Get in touch to discuss your needs and I will confirm whether an online session is suitable.

What can I expect from an online behaviour session?

In an initial session, I will do some fact-finding by asking you questions and establishing what your needs and goals are. I will ask you to tell me about your dog, the issues you're having and how you would like to approach training. I will provide you with some insights about what might be going on and together we'll come up with some solutions. I will also share video and photos to better illustrate information if needed. I may also demonstrate training techniques with my own dogs for you to see, and coach you through some live training with your dog. Following this initial session, you will receive an online training plan which can be used to track progress. 

Do I need to prepare anything?


If your dog has a favourite treat it can be useful to have these handy. Some people like to write down some questions or topics in advance of the session and I encourage people to take their own notes if this learning style suits them. Please ensure you have a good internet connection and are in a quiet area for the session.

How much is a session and how do I book?

An online session is $80 per hour. You can book this at any time by accessing my online booking diary HERE. The times shown will appear in your timezone and you will then be sent an automatic Zoom link.

Book a consultation at a time that suits you
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