Do you have a new puppy and want to get things right from the start? Are you struggling with conflicting advice and information overload? Puppies Unleashed is your crash course to navigating puppyhood and dealing with all the challenges that go with it.


Discover simple and fun training approaches focused on empathy, companionship and building healthy lifelong relationships.

All the fundamentals for living well with dogs

6 units covering the principles you need to raise well-adjusted dogs that are a joy to live with.

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  • Settling in and daily routines

  • How your puppy sees the world

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  • Early socialisation essentials

  • The vital role of sleep



  • Loose lead walking and equipment

  • Exercise and physical development

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  • Housetraining

  • Chewing, biting and mental stimulation

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  • Learning through choices

  • Nutrition and its impact on behaviour

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  • Canine communication

  • Healthy interactions and handling skills



Your ultimate guide to raising a happy and confident companion

Leading edge training methods

A dog-centric and scientifically-based approach without the use of punishment, restrictive equipment and fear

Practical guidance and detailed takeaways

Practical tips and takeaways in each learning module to guide you through concepts and challenges in detail

Taught by experienced experts

Designed and taught by experienced dog behaviourists using modern and evidence-based training methods

Ready to build an awesome life with your new puppy?
6 learning units
Videos and unit summaries covering a range of key topics

Test your learning
Prompts and quizzes to make sure the concepts stick

Practical takeaways
Simple and effective activities you can use right away
Unlimited access
Learn on-demand at times that suit you

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about the trainers

Winkie and Harriet have been raising dogs and teaching humans for several years. They are also members of the Pet Dog Trainers of Europe, a world-leading global dog training organisation which promote progressive and ethical approaches towards dogs and their humans.


Harriet Alexander

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Harriet has been working with dogs and their humans as a trainer and behaviourist for several years in London and Melbourne. She is now based in Castlemaine and runs workshops in Australia and abroad. She also co-hosted the popular Dog Tails podcast, and has taught puppy classes in the UK and Australia. Harriet has been lucky enough to learn directly from some of the big names in training, including Turid Rugaas and Anne Lill-Kvam.


Winkie Spiers

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Winkie Spiers has been working with dogs and owners for decades and is a sought after speaker, author and behaviour consultant. She was previously the Chair of the Pet Dog Trainers of Europe and is an Honorary Member of the organisation. She lives with her three lovely dogs in London. Winkie's sought after puppy classes are often booked out months in advance and she loves helping people build great skills right from the start.

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