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What's it all about?

Are you a new greyhound owner wanting to settle in your new companion? Or are you looking to address specific challenges you're facing with your current greyhound? We're thrilled to be partnering with expert greyhound-loving colleagues for this short course. Over three weeks we'll explore what makes greyhounds so special and how to help them thrive in a home environment. We'll examine common myths and troubleshoot issues that many greyhound owners face. You'll develop a whole new appreciation for this special breed and connect with fellow greyhound owners around the world. 

Learn from experts

We've brought together a team from the UK, Ireland and Australia with extensive knowledge and expertise working with greyhounds and owners.

Deepen your knowledge

Exploring your greyhound's past and unique physiology will help you respond to their behaviour with greater understanding.

Gain new skills

Each week you'll discover new ways of teaching your greyhound and activities you can do to build a great relationship with them.

3 WEEK ONLINE course

Take part in a 3 week course starting 9 February 2020. These are live online sessions occurring each Sunday for 1.5 hours from 10:00 (GMT), with accompanying resources and activities sent out every week. Use this handy time zone converter to check the times against where you are.

from track to couch


the ultimate guide for greyhound owners

Join fellow greyhounds owners and learn from a team of global experts as we enter the wonderful world of greyhounds! Over three weeks discover what makes these dogs so special and how you can support them to live their best lives.

Your greyhound's journey


Sunday 9 February

10:00 - 11:30 (GMT)

Guest speaker Pennie Clayton will be sharing the life story of many greyhounds, from racing track to rescue centre to life as a pet. Pennie has consulted with trainers and rescues to help you understand why your greyhound behaves in certain ways and how you can help them in this next phase of life.

Your greyhound at home


Sunday 16 February

10:00 - 11:30 (GMT)

During this week guest speaker Steph Rousseau will  discuss setting up a great daily routine for greyhounds. She will address common concerns, such as separation anxiety, housetraining and growling. Steph has first-hand experience helping greyhounds transition into their new homes, both as a greyhound owner herself and experienced behaviourist.

Your greyhound out and about


Sunday 23 February

10:00 - 11:30 (GMT)

Pennie Clayton and Harriet Alexander will discuss how to support your greyhound to have positive new experiences in the outside world, from walks to dealing with stairs and obstacles and interacting with other dogs and animals. We'll help you find ways to engage your greyhound's curiosity and allow them to enjoy new activities and outings.

course details


Sunday 9 February 

10:00 - 11:30 (GMT)


Sunday 16 February 

10:00 - 11:30 (GMT)

Sunday 23 February 

10:00 - 11:30 (GMT)

To check what time it will be in your location use this handy time zone converter




3 x 1.5 hour workshops covering a range of topics + activities and resources you can take away with you


Small learning group with maximum of 30 participants

Interactive session with individual reflection time, group exercises and space for discussions and questions

You will need Wi-Fi access and a computer with a microphone + video

Strictly limited places. Don't miss out!

course hosts

Harriet Alexander

Lead Facilitator

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Harriet has been working with dogs and their humans as a trainer and behaviourist for several years in London and Melbourne. She is a full member and country representative of the Pet Dog Trainers of Europe, and runs workshops in Australia and abroad. She grew up with sighthounds and absolutely adores greyhounds in particular!

Pennie Clayton

Guest Speaker

Pennie runs Horse and Hound School in the UK which provides a range of services to horse and dog owners. Welfare is at the forefront of Pennie’s work and she often works with rescue organisations to support animals in need. She specialises in greyhound rehabilitation and training and has owned many of these wonderful dogs herself. Pennie brings specialist knowledge that is invaluable to any greyhound owner! 

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Steph Rousseau

Guest Speaker

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Dublin based Steph Rousseau is a dog behaviourist and the Founder of Happy Office Dogs. She sits on the Board of the Pet Dog Trainers of Europe and has worked with hundreds of dogs and their humans in London and Dublin. She’s a rescue dog advocate and has owned two ex-racing greyhounds and an ex-laboratory beagle.