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Private dog behaviour consultations, classes and workshops

The way we work with dogs is changing. By embracing scientific and empathetic approaches to the human-animal relationship, we get to lose the gadgets and commands and build better lives with our canine companions. ​​Learn to step into their world through an understanding of their senses, ways of communicating and innate behaviour.

All Dogs Are Good offers online training and behaviour expertise worldwide, as well as in person training in Castlemaine and surrounds.

What do you need help with?
  • Puppies

    Give your puppy the best possible start with a training program tailored to your lifestyle and household. Create a great foundation that will last throughout your puppy's life.

  • Rescue dogs

    We think rescue dogs are awesome! If you have a new rescue we can provide guidance and practical tips to help them settle in and thrive in their new home.

  • Behaviour programs

    Many dog owners benefit from extra support to address behaviour concerns or teach their dog new skills. We provide behaviour assessments and tailored training plans on a range of issues, from separation anxiety and aggression to practical skills like recall and walking well on lead.

  • Social walks

    Social walks allow dogs to deepen their social skills and improve their confidence. We focus on observing body language and activities that allow dogs to use their natural abilities. Classes run regularly and are kept small (4-6 dogs) to ensure safety and enjoyment for everyone. Bookings are essential.

Meet the trainer!

Harriet has been working with dogs and their humans for several years in London and Melbourne. She is the Founder of All Dogs Are Good and has served on the Board of the Pet Dog Trainers of Europe. Harriet has studied internationally with some of the big names in training, including Turid Rugaas, Anne Lill-Kvam and Winkie Spiers. She also worked at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, one of the oldest and most celebrated rescue centres in the world.

Harriet is used to working with different breeds, situations and households on a huge range of behaviour and training issues. She loves helping her dog and human clients succeed, and uses kind and practical methods in all her work.

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