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Good country dogs.

All Dogs Are Good is passionate about the welfare of all species, especially local wildlife. Un-Chase is a training method which provides practical solutions for dogs who chase. From cars, bicycles and family pets to livestock and wildlife - all dogs can learn to resist exciting chase opportunities.

Through Un-Chase your dog will engage in safer outlets and choose alternative behaviours to chasing. Imagine, for example, your dog coming to you when he spies a snake, or calmly ignoring a chicken. Or traffic. Or the cat. Or even the vacuum cleaner. Un-Chase private training replaces frustration and worry with confidence and peace of mind.

Un-Chase! training
Image by John Torcasio

Un-Chase! training begins with an assessment session. This allows us to get to know you, your dog and your training goals. We'll discuss the why of your dog's chase behaviour, so you have a better understanding of their motivations.

After our session you'll receive a summary of our discussion, including a prognosis, management strategies and recommendations. You'll also learn which training package will best meet your needs.

Un-Chase assessment sessions are $150 and last 90 minutes. Check out our FAQs for common questions.

Unsure if private Un-Chase training is right for you? Book a FREE 10 minute discovery call to discuss further.

Un-Chase! training packages


Kick start your Un-Chase journey! You will be introduced to key concepts and provided with practical exercises you can work on right away. The ideal way to start addressing chase behaviour.

Assessment session + 2 x 60 minute training sessions


Deep dive

Cement your learning through more advanced training skills in a variety of settings. We'll increase distractions and begin working more directly with chase triggers.

Assessment session + 5 x 60 minute training sessions



We're with you every step of the way. The Deluxe package allows us to fully integrate Un-Chase protocols into your dog's life, creating lasting and meaningful change.

Assessment session + 8 x 60 minute training sessions


Turn your chaser into a champ
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