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Good from the get go.

New puppy? Congratulations!

You’ve just brought a baby land shark (otherwise known as a puppy) into your life. We know it can feel like a lot of pressure to get everything right. And every family member, friend, online ‘expert’ and old mate down the pub has an opinion on what you should do.

This is where All Dogs Are Good comes in. Puppies are our happy place. Over the past decade Harriet has worked with hundreds of puppies and their humans in London, Melbourne and regional Victoria. 

Our approach

We know from experience that every household is unique, and for best results you need a tailored approach which fits your lifestyle and goals. This is why we offer a range of puppy training options, from classes to private coaching and bespoke packages.

Regardless of the path you choose, our puppy raising ethos is focused on developing resilient and confident dogs who are a joy to live with. And yep, we'll also help you with housetraining, chewing, biting and late night zoomies while we're at it!

Puppies classes

Raising puppies is WAY easier with others. Join our fun, educational and practical classes to tackle puppy antics with confidence (and a good dose of humour!). These popular classes run across four weeks in Daylesford for puppies 8-16 weeks.

During week one we meet online to discuss the ins and outs of puppy development. Weeks 2-4 we meet in person, providing safe social experiences for puppies and tips and tricks for the humans. You also get FREE access to Puppies Unleashed, a self-paced online course.

Questions? Check out our FAQs.

Puppy casses

“Woody really enjoyed puppy classes and we found them really helpful. All the training suggested by Harriet has been straightforward to implement and has really worked. It's made us more confident as first time dog owners.”

- Vanessa and Woody

Private training

Want to remove the stress and confusion of puppy raising? Private training packages are designed to support you every step of the way, from those early weeks to your first outdoor adventures.


Private training begins with an assessment session. This allows us to get to know you, your puppy and your training goals. You'll receive management tips tailored to your home and lifestyle, as well as an understanding of which training package will best meet your needs.

Puppy assessment sessions are $150 and last 90 minutes. Questions? Check out our FAQs.

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Private training packages

Welcome Home

The perfect way to welcome your new best friend.

  • Common puppy challenges such as housetraining, biting and chewing

  • Creating the ideal routine

  • Introduction to socialisation

  • Enrichment ideas that aid puppy development

  • Foundation training skills in the home

  • FREE access to Puppies Unleashed, a self-paced online course

Assessment session + 2 x 60 minute training sessions


Out and About

Handle new experiences with confidence. All the perks of Welcome Home PLUS:​

  • Preparing your puppy for the outside world

  • Foundation socialisation: 3 social excursions outside the home 

  • Navigating real-world distractions while training

  • Foundation training skills outside the home

Assessment session + 5 x 60 minute training sessions


The Full Concierge

The full puppy raising works. Everything in Welcome Home + Out and About PLUS: 

  • Advanced socialisation: 5 social excursions outside the home

  • Advanced training skills inside and outside the home

  • Preparing for the teenage phase!

Assessment session + 8 x 60 minute training sessions



“Harriet was so encouraging and knowledgeable after my puppy's arrival. She helped us with toilet training, reducing the chances of destructive behaviour and what to predict in the first year of bringing up a happy dog. I wish I had called her before the puppy arrived. It would have put my mind at ease.”

- Miranda and Holly

Puppies Unleashed
(online course)

Your crash course to navigating puppyhood! Discover simple and fun training approaches to help you raise the dog you've always dreamed of.

  • Taught by experienced trainers using kind and scientifically-based methods

  • 6 learning units including videos and unit summaries

  • Prompts and quizzes to make sure the concepts stick

  • Simple and effective activities you can use right away

  • Learn on demand when it suits

Just $49 for lifelong access.

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 23.32.06.png

"Harriet's approach is brilliant - she is always calm, non-judgmental and reassuring. Her advice is practical, useful and easy to incorporate into everyday life. We owe a lot to Harriet for helping us raise Banner to be a well-mannered young dog, but also for helping us keep our sanity in those moments of complete despair, a feeling undoubtedly familiar to virtually all puppy owners!”

- Iman, Philippa and Banner

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